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More Revenue, More Pipeline, with Linkedin Ads

ABM with Linkedin Ads consulting for B2B SaaS that doesn't fudging suck

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ABM with Linkedin Ads

Drive more pipeline and revenue with ABM (Account Based Marketing) with Linkedin ads. Align marketing and sales and advertise to accounts that your sales team would love to talk to.


No expensive ABM platform needed (Don't get me wrong, they're great for scaling, after you have a strategy in place) but you don't need one.

Whether you have an ABM platform or not, Linkedin ads is still going to be your core distribution channel. If it's not, we need to talk 😁


Scale Account Based Marketing that drives demand and revenue

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Create a repeatable revenue driving machine that makes you look really good

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Create or optimize your ABM and Linkedin foundation so you can hit ever increasing growth goals

"The Results were so much better than what we were doing"

I spent a huge amount of time reverse engineering and implementing his ABM process and Linkedin ads setup.


It was all I thought about for a quarter. The results were so much better than what we were doing.


If I hired Tim, I would have been able to get one quarter of my time back. And he definitely would have done a better job than I did. Hire Tim.





Marc Thomas

Growth at Podia


Tim’s one of the rare people who understands the big picture & obsesses over details. ​I learned about Tim after seeing insane ads that spoke to my inner soul as a marketer and asked WHO ON THIS GODDAMN EARTH MADE THOSE ADS BECAUSE I NEED TO WORK WITH THEM.

Talking to him, I learned he has a knack for creative, data, and (!!) the process needed to create killer Linkedin ads that drive people to request a demo and mean it. I hired him to work with us as a consultant at Sprig. You won't regret working with Tim. Aside from being a killer marketer, he is the nicest human being on earth.





Katie Mitchell

Marketing at Sprig



Hey, I'm Tim 👋

Founder of B2B Rizz and B2B marketing content creator. I'm a 10 year B2B marketing vet, with a deep background in Linkedin ads, ABM and driving revenue and qualified pipeline for B2B orgs not just "leads" and MQLs.

Before going out my own, I ran marketing for the largest SaaS performance marketing agency while helping companies such as Metadata, Validity, Bentley and Sprig build and scale Linkedin ads.

  • Managed and scaled $12M+ a year Linkedin ads budgets

  • 10+ years experience

  • Drove over $17M in revenue in one year from ABM with Linkedin ads

  • Semi-funny B2B content creator, speaker and educator


 I started B2B Rizz to help marketing teams turn Linkedin ads into their next revenue driving channel. I'm not someone you hire to just push buttons, I'm someone thats going to partner with you and teach you and your team to do Linkedin ads the right way.


Pricing and Options


Starts at $4k/month

Best for orgs with a marketing team that can execute day to day in platform but with a proper strategy and guidance can take it to the next level.

Consulting + Execution

Starts at $7k/month

Best for marketing orgs with a smaller team that need proper guidance and extra hands in platform. Includes strategy, consulting AND execution.

Very Good
Linkedin Ads Audit

$1k Project

Get fresh eyes on your Linkedin ads account with a full audit with the good, bad and ugly from someone who's a little too honest. You'll get quick wins, ideas & strategy from someone that's been in too many accounts. 

Audit overview video

*1 week turnaround

How do we work together?

No matter what package you decide, you work directly with me. I don't outsource you to a specialist or junior talent. From day 1, to day 161, you work with me. 

I'm also a big believer that no marketing team should be reliant on an outsourced partner so as we work together, I'll teach you and your team along the way so if (when) go our seperate ways, you'll be able to do it all yourself. 


Some people think I'm okay at marketing

"Working with Tim was such a pleasure!

He played a crucial role in building out our ABM strategy on LinkedIn and helping us to get integrated with 6Sense. Tim always had a new idea or creative solution to improve our campaigns. Highly recommend him!"

Cat Quote profile image.png

Cat Kortmann

Sr. Marketing Manager, Validity

"I tried to hire him a few times"

I've known Tim now for several years, worked directly with him a few times. Tim's one of the most creative & brilliant marketers I've worked with. I tried to hire him, didn't work out so I had him consult with me. He was able to do really impactful work. I'd jump at the chance to work with Tim again.

Jason Widup Profile pic.png

Jason Widup

VP Marketing,

"Literally, a Linkedin Ads Savant"

Ever see an ad that's spot on & speaks right to you? Making you wonder who's behind their ABM ads? 9 out of 10 times, it's Tim. He figures out what motivates your audience and bc he's also so technical, he finds a way to create personalized experiences that just makes sense - and drives deals.

Alopez Profile photo circle.png

Amanda Lopez

Paid Media, Directive


Make Linkedin ads your next revenue driving channel

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