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Your Questions, Answered

So you don't have to sit through a meeting to get them

Do you help with Linkedin ads messaging and copy?

Yes, I do. I know what typically works and doesn't with Linkedin ads, so I'll help shape that to your organization. I'll do my own research and have ideas but will look to your team for guidance and review, especially early on to make sure it's on brand. 

Do you offer creative/design services for Linkedin ads?

My Canva skills are above average (Seriously, not bad) but no, I'm not a designer. We'll want to leverage internal or external resources for image/video ads that you have. I'll work with you on what they should look like, I'll have ideas, what we should and shouldn't do, just can't design them.


There is also ad units where creative isn't a roadblock we can leverage such as conversation and Thoughtleader ads. Also, low effort creative such as Apple notes, Slack, Linkedin, Reddit and Twitter comment response screenshots that work very well.

Do you outsource any of the work?

I do have virtual assistants that help me with admin work but all the day to day Linkedin ads management, building, strategy, execution is all me. They might help with data pulling, uploading lists, etc. but everything else is done by me.

How do you think about Linkedin ads attribution?

I think it's a mix of what the CRM says, UTMs, how did you hear about us field, and intuition. Not everything can be tracked, nor should it be but do think we should measure and look at success by a number of factors that we can work together on.

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